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our services
"We enjoy the challenge of communicating complex scientific concepts with clarity and impact"
We are passionate about communicating science in a compelling way across multiple channels
CREATE: We create innovative, effective solutions tailored to communication needs.

MOTIVATE: Through our passion for science and our industry insight, communications motivate and inspire audiences to take action.

TRANSFORM: Our multichannel delivery transforms scientific content into compelling communications programmes.
our services
"We support the communication of data from clinical trials to healthcare professionals as rapidly as possible"
We offer dedicated publications and medical affairs support
Our publications and medical affairs specialists focus on accurate and timely data dissemination and interpretation to support medical teams:
  • Publication planning and medical writing support
  • Medical affairs planning and implementation
  • Healthcare professional education
  • Scientific event management
  • Internal medical training initiatives
We understand the industry environment, and ensure that we are fully compliant with global standards for publications activities and interactions with healthcare professionals. Members of our publication teams have the Certified Medical Publication Professional (CMPP) credential, reflecting our commitment to excellence in publication support.
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"The best communication programmes are those that work seamlessly across multiple channels"
Our commercial teams support the full product lifecycle
Our commercial team members focus on brand commercialisation, supporting communications and then making your strategy come to life:
  • Medical communications planning, including franchise planning
  • Brand commercialisation planning and tactical implementation
  • Internal alignment and training
  • Commercial event management
  • Digital project delivery
We excel at multichannel delivery
Our teams are skilled in managing multichannel delivery of programmes from print media to digital delivery, and onsite event management. We understand the need to truly integrate your digital programmes into the overall communication strategy.
our services
"Effective and sensitive facilitation ensures the best return from your meetings"
We offer professional facilitation services to guide meetings
We provide facilitation services for internal and external meetings, steering conversations to ensure our clients get the answers they need.

We can take your meeting from concept to completion, guiding the agenda, discussion items and onsite facilitation to achieve tangible and realistic outcomes.

Our teams can work in partnership with you to tailor the support needed according to the size and scope of your meetings.